The Saguaro Seminar report, titled "BetterTogether", was originally published in December 2000.

Our first limited print run was exhausted, but is available for download, free of charge, in several formats.

The second printing is still available in hard copy. Please contact us to order the BetterTogether report by following this link.
Order the report.

BetterTogether was printed two times. The first edition was printed in 2000, chapters of which are shown below. And a second printing took place several months after 9-11-2001 with a new preface. That version is shown below separated into three sections.

Report with graphics (Revised, SECOND printing), 3MB each part

Text of individual chapters (FIRST edition)

Introduction: A Civic Nation at Risk

Work and Social Capital

Sidebar: Working Today
Sidebar: St. Louis/Twin Cities

The Arts and Social Capital

Sidebar: Liz Lerman Dance Exchange
Sidebar: Roadside Theater
Sidebar: Cleveland Museum of Art
Sidebar: Freestyle Union
Sidebar: Swamp Gravy

Politics and Government

Sidebar: Kids Voting
Sidebar: Sustainable Seattle
Sidebar: Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Project
Sidebar: Tupelo, Mississippi
Sidebar: A Carousel for Missoula

Religion and Social Capital

Sidebar: Habitat for Humanity
Sidebar: Greater Boston Interfaith Organization

Youth and Social Capital

Sidebar: William Woods University
Sidebar: Citizen Schools
Sidebar: Gallery 37
Sidebar: Do Something
Sidebar: TreePeople

Appendix: Changing the Wind
Who We Are: Participant List

100 Things You Can Do


All are PDF files (a free PDF viewer can be downloaded from the Adobe site if it is not already installed on your computer)

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at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.
c/o The Saguaro Seminar, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
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